Board bold "Warhammer task" is a acclaimed British bold aggregation Games Workshop, launched in 1995,CS GO Skins a alcove theme, into the RPG, chance and added elements, the arena is set in its different Warhammer in. And the end of this year, "Hunters" alternation architect Rodeo Games assuredly it assimilate the iOS platform.

  "Warhammer task" aboriginal DLC ( "savage tribes" The Brutal Tribe) actuate next Wednesday (October 2) release, which will accompany the new maps, and bonfire astrologer (Bright Wizard), (Shadow Warriors) Shadow Warrior, Ogre (Ogre Irongut) three new hero, the added players can acquaintance the new boodle boodle and weapons, I accept the gaming acquaintance cs go skins quality will become even richer.

  Latest version: 1.04

  Development of the manufacturers: Rodeo Games

  Game Category:Strategy SLG SLG

  Game size: 700.13M

  Players feel: cerebration game,fascinating

  Operation: Click

  Female players accepted: low