Cheap CSGO Skins While pro Counter-Strike players have reacted quite well to the new patch, there are a large number of devastating bugs that players will be using and abusing until they’re fixed. The shooting style and accuracy meta in Counter-Strike evolved, but maybe not in the right ways. Definitely not ways Valve intended.

  The Exploit

  While not nearly as dangerous as aimbotting, this bug feels too steep to just be grouped with the other bugs.

  Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag found this harmful exploit that should be getting hotfixed soon. No guarantees.

  The AK-47 has a more accurate tap fire while crouch-moving than standing still… like, what? Valve pls.

  Although the numbers seem minute and irrelevant, the bug is far from it. Players will be slow-peeking crouched waiting for a head to pop off. Not only that, the ability to run off a corner and go immediately into a crouch one-tap is a scary thing to think about, let alone have happen to you in game.

  Sadly, this might defeat the purpose of perfecting strafe-stepping. The exploit may potentially destroy any motivation for players working on increasing their mobility by not crouching as well.

  PSA: Valve won’t be taking responsibility for any broken keyboards, mice, or monitors as a result of your rage over this bug.

  The Bugs

  Here’s a fun fact: when you completely empty your magazine, your spray pattern won’t reset after reload.

  This happens because the recoil takes longer to reset the longer you spray. Valve officially responded:

  Recoil used to reset for all weapons after exactly 0.55s, whether you shot 3 or 30 bullets. Now the recoil index decays over time. So if you burst, then recoil will reset quicker than before. If you unload a lot of bullets then it will take longer.

  You can watch the recoil index change with cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy 2.

  EDIT: It's reasonable to expect the recoil to reset after a reload so we may just force it to reset on reload. We'll investigate and if it makes sense then we'll make that change.

  So we’ve got a solid maybe... this is still one of the quickest responses we’ve seen.

  Temporary Fix: After or as you reload, switch to another gun and back again to your rifle. Now that useless habit to look cool serves a purpose.

  Here’s an actual fun bug for you: the jumping accuracy of the AK-47 Skins and both M4’s has been increased. SlothSquadron created a greatly detailed analysis of the weapon changes.





  Time to hit those panic-jump headshots.

  Last, we’ve got an easier way to rage quit a competitive game: if you hold down your scoreboard button and scroll your mousewheel you’ll be disconnected for “issuing too many server commands.”

  Valve has blessed us with an amazing patch overall, but as with any patch they release… something breaks. Let us know what other bugs you’ve come across in the comments.