How to create professional looking demos and CS:GO Skins GOTV streams

  Within this information/training we are going to understand you how-to setup group banners, team images, custom team names, fit numbers and complement possibilities in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. On the viewer monitor, it is possible to setup the workforce options with one of these simple system commands to appear like the CS:GO majors/championships. This can be used-to create professional-looking demonstrations or GOTV streams. In case you are likely to enjoy a group fit and need it personalized for possible audiences this might also be cool.

  Requirements - how to get started

  . Setup or host a server - make sure it is with Competitive game type.

  . Type in the commands in the console or in the server config.

  . To view the flags and team names, you have to spectate the game.

  . Example of custom team names, flags and logos:



  Contents of this guide

  . Setup team names

  . Setup team logos

  . Setup team flags

  . Setup match stats

  . Setup match odds

  . End result example

  . Summary

  Setup team names

  To give the teams a team name, use the following commands in the console:

  . mp_teamname_1 "Team name for team 1"

  . mp_teamname_2 ";Team name for team 2"

  The team name can be anything you chose. Team 1 is Counter-Terrorists and team 2 is Terrorists.


  . mp_teamname_1 "Fnatic"

  . mp_teamname_2 "NiP"



  Setup team logos

  If you want to use your own team logo, I will recommend you to do it with a plugin. Logos are client side, so you need the plugin so that the viewers will automatically download the custom logos. Check the Team Logo Manager for this purpose.

  If you don't want to download the logo manager, you can use the existing team logos stored in the game. There is both old and new teams.

  To set a team logo, use the following commands in the console:

  . mp_teamlogo_1 "Short name for team 1"

  . mp_teamlogo_2 "Short name for team 2"


  . mp_teamlogo_1 "nip"

  . mp_teamlogo_2 "vp"



  Setup team flags

  To include a team flag behind the team logo, use the following commands in the console:

  . mp_teamflag_1 "ISO CODE"

  . mp_teamflag_2 "ISO CODE"

  You want to replace ISO CODE with the ISO code for your desired country. Again team 1 is CT and team 2 is T.


  . mp_teamflag_1 "se"

  . mp_teamflag_2 "pl"



  Setup match stats

  Match stats are shown below the team names and current scores to all spectators and GOTV viewers. By default they show up for 5 seconds at the start of each round.

  To use match stats you will need the following commands

  . mp_teammatchstat_txt

  . mp_teammatchstat_1

  . mp_teammatchstat_2

  To change the default time of how long the stats are shown, use this command:

  . mp_teammatchstat_holdtime [time in seconds]

  Example usage

  . mp_teammatchstat_txt “Match 5 of 10”

  . mp_teammatchstat_1 “3”

  . mp_teammatchstat_2 “2”



  Setup match odds

  Besides match stats, you can also add odds. The odds are shown below the names and flags and by default odds are shown for 5 seconds as with match stats.


  . mp_teamprediction_txt

  . mp_teamprediction_pct

  The first command is a string, which means you can input any text you want. The second command is used to set the odd percentage for team 1, it will automatically calculate the odds for team 2.


  . mp_teamprediction_txt "CSGO Lounge Odds"

  . mp_teamprediction_pct 60



  End result

  The end results will be your own name, logo and flag for the teams.



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