Cheap CSGO Skins Name of weapons: XM1014 (M4 Super 90)

Price: guns: $3000/1, the bullet: $85/8 of a hair

Country of origin: Italy Italy

Manufacturer: Benelli

12 the gauge diameter:

Let play: 7

Biggest spare capacity: 32

Firing rate: 400 RPM

Weight (EMPTY) : 4 kg Projectile

Weight: 3.8 grams/pellet

Speed: at the beginning of 1250 feet per second

Muzzle kinetic energy: 2429 joules

Killer: 6 x16

Armor fixed: 0.31


Cartridge replacement speed: start in spring time of 1.2 seconds, every bullets on time of 0.3 seconds rate: 3.62 / SEC Suitable for: 2 desert.72th street warehouse.

Evaluation: automatic shotgun, can put a shuttle grape-shot (7) all spilled out in 2 seconds, even middle distance enemies are doomed, defect is prepared to play quantity too little.

Same as above mentioned in all kinds of data.A gold coin in biochemical mode is the party's artifact.Advantages: cheap portable shoot faster Power of a strong Can interrupt on shoot process.Biochemical mode has a strong body, suitable for all kinds of escape, found on the environment, general with backstab silver blade is used.Can let zombies after running the whole map but how also can't catch.Disadvantages: no more output than in the biochemical model, only for auxiliary function.

Prototype for Italy "Mr Neri's" M4 super 90 "shotgun, U.S. forces on  CSGO Weapons Skins the finalize the design for the" XM1014 "after a small amount of improvement.Semi-automatic shooting way and faster rate, in the melee encounters with strong power.