Gun damage

  In fact there's no need to test, Buy CS GO Skins now buy interface will be displayed, such as AK47 damage display is 36, then it will AK single-shot hit his chest with no damage from the highest to 36, the head has 4 times as much damage to the chest hand injury is equivalent to the chest, abdomen damage equal to 1.25 times that of chest injury foot damage equal to seventy-five percent of chest injury.

  The power of a gun

  Do not fully shows the damage, also look at distance weak performance, and wear armor penetration.Distance attenuation: shotgun > submachine gun (gun) (gun) > > rifle sniper rifle.Armour performance varied from gun, such as CT and T 3 initial handgun, power is not small, but penetration is low, with little damage from the many, and some gun armour is very high, even ignore armor, the below us.

  Penetration of firearms

   CSGO of penetration is divided into four levels: 0, 100, 200, 100.Penetration of 0 means no bunker can shoot through, this kind of gun only nova (don't discuss here stun guns).Penetration is 100, can shoot through wood and a layer of thin plate (such as those who abandoned car), through comparing the cause and the damage of low damage, this kind of gun includes all pistol, all bed cleaning eagle submachine guns and all except the nova shotguns.

  Penetration was $200, can penetrate board or sheet iron and high damage, through the gates with low damage, such weapons including machine guns and automatic rifles and pistols in DE.Penetration was $250, through almost board does not reduce damage, through the iron gates also can cause harm to the higher, these weapons include sniper rifles.Map that can penetrate the object of many, wood, thin wall, iron plate, iron gates, a corner of the room,M4A4 Skins CS GO such as cans cannot penetrate.