After losing their major winning squad to SK Gaming,Cheap CSGO Skins it’s been revealed by Luminosity Gaming that they’ve picked up a new CS:GO team.

  Sticking with what worked, Luminosity have bought another up and coming Brazilian lineup as they take on the squad of WinOut. Formed in May, the team are currently based out of Texas and feature a number of CS 1.6 legends.

  Returning to the Luminosity squad is Renato ‘nak’ Nakano, the former coach of the previous Luminosity lineup before he was replaced by Wilton ‘zews’ Prado. Can the squad do the impossible just like their previous Brazilian’s and take the title from under the world’s elite?

  Luminosity CS:GO –

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  Veteran player Bruno ‘Bit’ Lima spoke about the move –

  “We are all very proud to be part of LG Family, really excited to represent one of the biggest organisations in the world. As a team we’ve been working really hard for the past months and this is the right opportunity for us to achieve our dreams LG has a really big Brazillian fan base buy csgo skins with paypal and we will do 150% to make them proud.”